Semalt Islamabad Expert: What Is SEO & Who Is An SEO specialist?

If you're looking to optimize your website, you will require an SEO specialist. However, before you can begin the process, you will need to understand what you are about to do. So what is SEO? SEO(search engine optimization) is the use of different tactics such as keywords and keyword topics that generate traffic to a website and help users find information on search engines. For you to have a well-optimized site, you require an SEO specialist who understands SEO tactics. The specialist's job is to thoroughly research online, identify and implement different tactics that will improve search results.

Michael Brown, a top specialist from Semalt, defines here some practical tips in this regard.

How do you identify a good SEO specialist?

A good SEO specialist keeps up with all new trends.

Like any other job, you will find that some SEO specialists are better than others in more ways than one. SEO like any other technology keeps changing. You will find that how a search was presented on Google 5 years ago is quite different from a search done today. Every day, search engines identify what users want, and they tailor their search findings to fit this criterion. For instance, you will find that today, when you search for a particular keyword on Google, you are likely to be presented with a list of the "types of" since they realized that people are most likely to click on a list of things first before viewing others. They tailored their algorithm to this, to get better results. A good SEO specialist should, therefore, be able to identify and keep up with every new trend.

Must be able to find new ways of maximizing traffic to your website.

Every website is different, and while some SEO tactics can work for almost all websites, a good SEO specialist should be able to identify new ways to maximize the traffic to your website. They should be able to analyze and find ways that are uniquely fitted for your website. Maximizing traffic means that the people they attract to your site are relevant to your specific brand. For instance, if it's a business website, your website will attract buyers who are ready to purchase your products and or services.

Must be able to understand every SEO tactic, its relevance and how to use it.

There are several things that need to be factored in when optimizing a website. A good SEO specialist should be able to use them and understand their relevance. These factors include:

Links. Links to other websites are important when optimizing a website. A good SEO specialists must be able to understand their importance and when/how to use them.

The importance of use of content marketing. It is a vital marketing tool.

The value of Social media. Social media has lately become very popular and therefore plays a very vital role in SEO.

Pay-per-click marketing. While it is an old SEO tactic, it is also an essential method of generating traffic to a website.

Video SEO. This is a recently developed tactic and is very useful. A good specialist must be able to keep up with such new tactics.

SEO tactics continue to develop. While old tactics such as keywords and Meta tags have proven useful, new trends are also as effective, and a good SEO specialist must be able to identify and use them properly.